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    This has been insanely good for business. thx again for making it happen!

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    thanks for 1 million followers ….no i have no worries im a star

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    Thank you a million times. This has really given attention to our business and given it a huge kick start. Thank you!!

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    So quick and easy. Thanks for my new followers 😀

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Whether this is the first time you’ve used our social media boosting services, or whether you’re a regular, you may have some questions. The most common questions we are asked are located below.

Have we missed any of your questions? Feel free to contact us!

Are these real followers and likers?

We are going to be totally honest with you. No provider on the internet – no matter who they are or what they say – can provide you with real human followers instantly. It’s just not possible. Our followers are REAL accounts with real profile pictures, real followers and real biographies. They are not operated by humans though, so they will not interact with your account, they will just increase your following. We sometimes expect a drop of around 5% of your following over the month. If this happens, we top up your followers free of charge for 30 days. Whether you opt to buy Instagram followers, buy Instagram post likes or buy Instagram video views, we will deliver impressions and actions on your posts.

How long does it take?

Depending on the size of your order, you will see new Instagram followers, Instagram post likes or Instagram video views within minutes. Larger orders can take up to an hour to be delivered, but our customers generally see their order fulfilled within minutes. We use cutting edge technology that allows us to deliver these orders at lightning speed. Sometimes things go wrong – if your order isn’t delivered within an hour, please feel free to contact us.

Will this service boost engagement?

We’ll be 100% honest with you. Buying Instagram followers, Instagram post likes or Instagram video views while doing nothing else won’t increase engagement. In fact, it may have a negative effect. If your aim is to increase engagement, you need to use this service in unison with engaging posts, commenter engagement and the latest social media strategies.

Buying followers, post likes and video views works perfectly when used as part of a wider social media strategy.

Why should I buy Instagram likes?

Like anything in life, bigger is always better – so we’re told, anyway. Life on Instagram is the exact same. If you’re a social influencer or even a social media user that wants to disrupt or create influence, you need to look like you command a big audience. Buying Instagram post likes ensures your influence is cemented and you land that next gig as a social media influencer.

Why should I buy Instagram video views?

Video is the next big thing – especially on social media. If you’re a social media influencer, or even somebody that wants to get ahead on the social media front, you want to carry influence. Boosting your latest Instagram video views ensures you are cemented as an influential figure on social media. Our service boosts your video views, which helps push your video to a greater audience.

Do you need my Instagram password?

Absolutely not. In fact, we don’t need any personal details outside of your payment details. Any websites that request your Instagram password or for you to authorise access to your Instagram account are likely to be scams. The only information we request is your email address (to send you an order confirmation), your Instagram username (so you can select the images or video you want boosted) and your payment details (to process your payment by a reputable third party, we don’t store your payment information). For more details on our privacy policy, you can read up on it here.

Will my new followers last?

Sometimes when you buy Instagram followers, they drop off after a certain period. This is normal and if it happens, we top them up automatically. If there’s any time at all where you’ve spotted an issue or have any concerns, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly support team – we are here to help! We sometimes expect a drop of around 5% of your following over the month. If this happens, we top up your followers free of charge for 30 days.

Will my new likes expire?

No. Once we add likes to your post or boost your video views, that new engagement is there to stay! It’ll never expire.

Is there a minimum or a maximum for purchase?

We have a minimum order of 100 new Instagram followers, 100 new Instagram post likes and 500 new Instagram video views. There is no theoretical maximum, but keep in mind we are limited to how many we can add per order. There’s nothing stopping you doing multiple orders. Our maximum new Instagram followers per order is 5000 followers, the maximum Instagram post likes per order is 10,000 likes and our maximum Instagram video views per order is 100,000 views. If you have ongoing or bulk purchase requirements, get in touch with our friendly support team to see if we can offer better pricing.

Is this service legal?

Yes, absolutely! We have a global network of social media providers that deliver high quality Instagram followers, Instagram post likes and Instagram video views. Using our services is legal and enhances the appeal of your Instagram account. As usual, it’s worth reading the Instagram terms of service to get a better understanding of their policies and restrictions.